124° Mirror with Tray | Medium

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Each mirror in the collection has two faces spaced 124 degrees apart. As a result, the mirror reflect unexpected views of their surroundings, with each side revealing a different perspective. Looking straight in the mirror means not seeing any reflection. Mirrors are both functional objects and also a playful contemplation of reflection, light and image by designer Daniel Rybakken. The 124 ° Mirror can be fixed on any vertical surface or rest freely on a horizontal surface. Designed in a simple and elegant way, the 124 ° Mirror will surely find the right place in your living spaces.

Technical details


  • 1,9

Dimensions (cm)

  • H 35 x W 42 x D 18

Structure material

  • Black Ash


  • Daniel Rybakken


  • Black



Materiali e finiture


124° Mirror with Tray | Medium

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