About us


Sciascia said "The entire Sicily is a fantastic dimension. How can you live there without imagination? "

It was our imagination that brought us here, within this new ideal space, conceived and designed in every detail to share our passion for design, the beauty of Sicily and above all for happy living.

The idea of ​​helping to define the ideal home model together with each of you has always pushed us to imagine and desire the best.

Thinking about the house as the privileged place to cultivate the happiness of our life with the people we love.

Sometimes we forget to bring beauty into everyday life, with small gestures and good habits, objects come to life and remind us every day that our home is the place where we feel most ourselves.

For this reason, in our store you will find everything that can be useful to imagine and write your new story.


A unique and unrepeatable story ... a bit like ours!


Nino and Cristina