Modern beds

B&B Italia Alys - Bed
Treku Bora | Bed € 3790.00
B&B Italia Charles - Bed
Zeitraum Guest | Oak € 5340.00
B&B Italia Husk - Bed
Zanotta Nyx
Zeitraum Simple Hi | American Walnut € 5924.00
Zeitraum Simple Hi | Oak € 4512.00
Zeitraum Simple | American Walnut € 3955.00
Zeitraum Simple | Oak € 3484.00
B&B Italia Tufty - Bed

As we know, we spend a large part of our life in bed, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep and furnish the bedroom with the style you prefer. The Chiarenza Store’s selection of modern beds will help you transform your bedroom into a relaxing and cosy space. Choose from leather-upholstered headboards, contemporary four-poster beds and guest single beds.