Bohemia 84 E27 - Green

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The Bohemia is unique. At first glance, it appears to be made of blown glass—but its size made this option untenable. Its designer, Joan Gaspar, overcame this difficult challenge by opting for polycarbonate instead. The result is an exciting, organic, translucent profile that integrates two volumes into a single shape. This allows for a large shade in different colors that don’t interfere with the interior, which is always white, giving of impeccable lighting with no color bleed. When it’s on, the Bohemia shines a white light downward, while also enhancing the shade with subtle hues and shadows. This interplay between shadow and light defines the two volumes. The Bohemia is bright and striking, with an exceptional light that aims to surprise all viewers.

Technical details


  • H 41,5/250 x W 84 x D 84


  • 17,8

Structure material

  • Polycarbonate Translucent


  • Joan Gaspar


  • Green



Materiali e finiture


Bohemia 84 E27 - Green

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