Bulthaup Bread board - Walnut € 479.00
Bulthaup Bread box | White clay - Maple € 409.00
Bulthaup Bread cutter | Maple € 305.00
Bulthaup Chopping board large | Maple € 165.00
Bulthaup Chopping board small| Maple € 110.00
Bulthaup Container oak | 47,4 cm € 290.00
Bulthaup Container walnut € 337.00
Bulthaup Container walnut € 307.00
Bulthaup Cutting board € 498.00
Bulthaup Food Containers | Oak € 512.00
Bulthaup Food Containers | Walnut € 557.00
Bulthaup Food tray - Oak € 223.00
Bulthaup Food tray - Walnut € 245.00
Bulthaup Oak Container | Square € 269.00
Bulthaup Oak wood tray € 219.00
Bulthaup Pastry board | Maple € 416.00
Bulthaup Pot holder | Stainless steel € 312.00
Bulthaup Wood oval container € 269.00

The family-run company founded in 1949 as a small sawmill in southern Bavaria, is now one of the market leaders in the luxury kitchen segment. For almost 70 years, bulthaup has been developing projects for people, making products that are functional and aesthetic. From the outset, Bulthaup has been configured as a company that does not compromise on quality, distinguishing itself for passion and attention to detail and loyalty to values ​​such as craftsmanship and design. A constant search for total quality is the basis of the design philosophy of the German company that launched kitchens that have become iconic on the market, outlining new paths in the history of contemporary system kitchens. Only what is functional and valuable is kept, from the best materials to the smallest interior details designed and built in most cases within the factory. The love for architecture, the Bauhaus philosophy, the timeless design and the attention to ergonomics of Gerd Bulthaup, have characterized the entire path of the last 30 years in which projects have developed that can be considered "milestones " in the history of the kitchen, such as the current Bulthaup b1, Bulthaup b2 and Bulthaup b3 systems. Bulthaup has always been a company capable of developing multifunctional systems for the kitchen and living environments, which allow you to focus on what is essential: the person, with his desires and needs, in compliance with ethical principles for use and processing of quality materials.