Treku Aura 21 | SideBoard - Oak € 2570.00
Treku Aura | SideBoard € 2160.00
Treku Bisell Stool | H 69 € 394.00
Treku Bisell Stool | H 69 Yellow € 372.00
Treku Bisell Stool | H 79 € 416.00
Treku Bisell Stool | H 79 € 283.00
Treku Bisell Stool | H 79 | Wood € 573.00
Treku Bisell Stool | H 79/Pad € 444.00
Treku Kabi | Coffee Table | Ø 50 € 340.00
Treku Kabi | Coffee Table | Ø 65 € 398.00
Treku Kabi | Coffee Table | Ø 80 € 667.00
Treku Lauki 37/04 | Sidebord € 2615.00

Treku is an international contemporary furniture brand founded in 1947 by the Aldabaldetreku family, the Basque surname from which the company name derives. Today it is the third generation of this family, that with the same passion of the ancestors, takes care of the management of the company. The rigorous selection of the veneered wood, the production on demand to guarantee homogeneity, and the permanent control at every stage of the process, testify to a quality-oriented corporate culture. The company has always been based in Zarautz, a coastal city in the Basque Country that has a great naval tradition, where today contemporary furniture is designed, produced, and exported to more than 50 countries around the world. Modern machinery takes up most of the factory floor, but the fingers and eyes of skilled craftsmen are still a key part of the furniture manufacturing process. It is those fingers and those eyes that select the knots on the oak veneers, making sure that a walnut cabinet has the best toasting, or managing to catch a glimpse of the pink reflections that the American oak will emit with the passage of time. Thanks to such care, almost 70 years after its foundation, Treku furniture is characterized by the tenacity of an authentic artisan tradition that is reflected in the collections of the brand, such as Aura, whose design inspired by the past is influenced by the design culture of Nordic countries, combining tradition and naturalness with large doses of modernity.