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The Rimadesio company was born in 1956 as a small artisan company in Brianza, specializing in glass processing. Today it is a staple in the Brianza interior design industry and one of the most popular Italian furniture companies in the world. The company has always oriented its production towards furniture, accessories, doors, day and night systems, office and contract, with a high technological and systemic connotation. The materials mainly used are glass and aluminum, ecologically sustainable materials, demonstrating the company's sensitivity to the environmental issue. Creativity, innovation, respect for the environment are in fact values ​​that have always characterized Rimadesio. The brand perfectly embodies the authentic values ​​of Made in Italy, guarantees an absolute quality of the products and a fine manufacturing. From design to production, from the research of materials to the combination of finishes, everything reflects Italian taste and savoir faire. A design characterized by exclusive materials and workmanship with a high technical and engineering value. To the functional objective is added the desire to achieve maximum formal essentiality, an aspect that can be seen in many pieces of his collection, such as the Manta Table and the Zenit Walk-in Closet, the result of collaboration with some of the most famous contemporary designers, in particular Giuseppe Bavuso, who designed the Long Island table and the Vela door for Rimadesio.