Mater Stools

Mater Earth Stool Mask edition € 268.00
Mater Earth Stool Oak € 458.00
Mater Low Stool 47 cm € 641.00
Mater Mask Stool Natural € 488.00

The Danish company Mater, founded in 2006 by Henrik Marstrand, prefers artisanal and sustainable processing methods, through the use of selected raw materials. The wooden stool is always a perfect choice for those who appreciate the natural feel of this material, such as the elegant and organic High Stool stool by Mater in oak wood with seat covered in leather, a contemporary version of a classic bar stool, for example of perfect balance between responsible production and refined design. Mater stools are versatile additional seats that can be used in different ways. The low stool, Mask Stool, with an industrial design that can also act as a coffee table or bedside table or the Shell Bar Stool, a high stool that can be used in the kitchen for breakfast or a quick meal. Choose the perfect one for your home by exploring the wide selection of Mater on the Chiarenza Store.