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The Royal System wall-mounted shelving system was designed in 1948 by legendary Danish designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius. The innovative project was one of the first to provide for the use of the piece of furniture suspended from the ground, which would only occupy the space of the wall. Royal System is produced in the Dk3 factory in Denmark and is considered one of the greatest hits in the history of Danish furniture. It has a light and versatile style that adapts to every need defining it a timeless classic. It consists of a series of wooden rails, shelves with brass or stainless steel hooks, and various modules such as cabinets, drawers and desks, which can be combined in multiple and customized configurations. Poul Cadovius claimed that the cabinet could be combined in 16 million different ways. There have been many attempts to copy the iconic furniture design, but Royal System always remains the original. Contact us for more information, for a quote based on your needs or for personalized advice.

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Royal System | Shelving System