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Artek Bar Stool 64 | Black Birch € 580.00
Artek Stool 60 | Natural Birch € 228.00

Scandinavian design has given to the world numerous iconic pieces, such as ones from the Finnish company Artek, founded in 1935 by Alvar and Aino Aalto. Artek offers a very large and interesting collection of design stools, like the timeless Stool 60 and Stool E60 both designed by Alvar Aalto and made of natural birch wood. The stool is a versatile additional seat that can be used in different ways: low stools, like the Pirkka Stool, that can also act as a coffee table or bedside table and the high bar stools, like the High Chair K65, that can also be used in the kitchen for breakfast or a quick meal. Choose the perfect Artek stool for your home by exploring the wide collection we have selected on Chiarenza Store.