JARI DINING TABLE | ROUND - Blue Lacquered Ash

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Soft and subtle asymmetric shapes characterise JARI that seeks to reflect a simplified version of nature and create space for a sense of calmness. The JARI table series is a collection of tables with subtle, asymmetric, organic shapes that create a balance of their own. The joinery and seamless finish of the JARI table is achieved without the need for nails or screws. The solid table top is mounted using traditional methods. JARI tables are dyed by hand using the natural pigments of rocks and minerals mixed with water, using a method that penetrates the wood deeper and enhances the natural grains and hues. The surface is treated with a durable protection of natural wax-oil, providing a protective layer with a soft touch. Each table features deep, double-rounded soft edges, offering a floating appearance and representing a tactile connection to nature.

Technical details


  • Ø 120 x H 75


  • 60

Structure material

  • Blue Lacquered Ash


  • OEO Studio


  • Blue



Materiali e finiture

Brdr. Krüger

JARI DINING TABLE | ROUND - Blue Lacquered Ash