System Cado | Shelving System

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After the success of the iconic and revolutionary Royal System wall shelving from 1948, the legendary Danish designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius took it one step further and designed System Cado in 1960, based on the same innovative idea as the Royal System, which involved the use of the wall as a support for the furniture, replacing traditional furniture, heavy and bulky, which take up too much space on the floor. System Cado is defined by retractable shelves, drawers and cabinets, mounted invisibly on beautiful and large wooden panels that completely cover the wall, creating both a storage space and an exhibition area. The shelving system remains a trendy classic with its flexible and space-saving design that forms a single eye-catching unit. Available in a warm soapy oak finish, it is ideal for a living room or study area, for storing books and for creating an elegant display of your favorite decorative accessories and objects. Bringing the timeless beauty of nature and solid wood into your home, the distinctive wall cabinet with its presence will take center stage. Contact us for more information, for a quote based on your needs or for personalized advice.

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System Cado | Shelving System